Just a Joker? by Crazy Jokers


Welcome to a very fun and easy trick always ready to perform! The "Joker gag" had been a comedic staple since the magicians started to perform with cards... but now, you can take this very fun gag and kill with the best "punch" (a magical and visual revelation).

From a shuffle deck, one spectator selects a card. Then, you show your prediction (inside of an envelope, of a card box or wherever you want), showing a Joker.

But everybody knows what people says about Jokers, so your visual changes to some random cards wishing that the spectator's card is one of them, but of course, it is not there. The cheeky clever magician seems to be in trouble, until... The spectator names his card and then, the magicians proudly turn back his cards and on the back of all of them, an impossible prediction is "printed", the name of his selected card.

And the best part... it is almost automatic to perform it and it is always ready to go!

You will receive a special gimmicked Joker ready to do it, you will only have to choose your favorite card to write it on the back and that's it! Also, in the tutorial you will learn different ways to perform it, and ideas on how to use the same gimmick for different cards, being able to re-use the same gimmick with different predictions on it without the needing to buy any more units or refills!

Add a fun touch to your card magic set, make your walk around magic fun and powerful, allowing you to worry only to create a connection with your audiences, once you discover the power of "Just a Joker?".