Unliftable - Light Heavy Deck by Iñaki and Javier Franco BLUE or RED


Unliftable is an incredible light heavy deck, very easy to use, you just place in a very smooth surface, and no one will be able to lift it, only you.

It is almost completely reviewable by spectators, since it is very difficult for them to notice anything strange when taking it, opening it, putting the cards in, or taking them out.

It is not based on glue, magnets, or any type of electronics, it is simply the generation of vacuum in a very ingenious way, perfectly designed so that it is impossible to lift it on a suitable surface.

In the instructions we will indicate which surfaces are the most suitable, but they will simply be those that are completely smooth, clean and non-porous.

Unliftable is interchangeable, you can easily remove the gimmick and put it in another deck.

Unliftable was patented in 2018 by Ignacio Martinez Torres, and now together with Javier Franco it is released worldwide so that every magician can have it!

Available in red and blue.