Polarity by Michael Murray


Way back in 2017 Michael Murray released what many now refer to as the bible of the 'thought of card' plot. Owing to the work involved in memorizing that system, many customers begged for a simpler alternative. Fast forward to 2024 and Michael is very proud to release his most streamlined work on the 'think a card' plot to date.

The magician/mentalist opens the demonstration by showing how the two plastic cards supplied can be used to generate any one of the 52 possible playing cards. Handing the two cards to the participant they flip and turn the cards sight unseen by the performer before locking one singular playing card in mind.

Without ever needing to take the cards back and without ever needing to see them, the magician/mentalist already knows the exact thoughts that are in the participants mind and is all set to reveal their thought of card. Better still, this can be done with multiple participants allowing the performer to reveal up to three different playing cards in any one performance.

The custom plastic cards supplied are designed to elevate almost all of the work leaving the performer with little to no memory work. The cards themselves are credit card size allowing them to fit into a single credit card slot of your wallet or business card case.

The participant has genuine free choices over which cards to flip and how the cards are turned yet you will always know the outcome before you even hand the cards to them.

  • Super direct
  • No logic puzzles
  • Totally hands off
  • Deviously simple (learn in mere minutes)
  • Reveal multiple cards by involving a second or even third participant
  • Minimal process (reveal a thought of card in under sixty seconds)