Horrorscope by MR. Darkness


Ask a participant to find and silently read their Zodiac traits from a card while identifying their two closest star sign adversaries, receiving a cautionary message that not all alignments are harmonious. The performer can then instantly reveal their Zodiac sign without the participant saying a word.

The Horrorscope method eliminates the need for guessing letters through progressive anagrams, participant reactions, questioning, or using cribs. It removes the requirement to write anything down or keep track of any binary calculations.

This ethereal creation contains essential information about the Zodiac to present you, as an astrological authority. It employs an everyday carry card that conveniently fits in your wallet. Simply present the card, have the participant silently read their Horrorscope, while you mysteriously reveal their Zodiac sign.

Professional Reviews:

"Horrorscope is a highly effective impromptu way to tell someone their sun sign without using anagrams or advance information"
Richard Webster (Mentalist, Author, Magician, Hypnotist)

"I am impressed and highly recommend your work, a new fan!"
Millard Longman (Mentalist, Acidus Novus)

"No questions, no fishing, no kidding. It's that good."
Andrew Gerard (Mentalist, Creator)

"This is one of the most direct star signs reveals that I've ever seen. Zero questions, 100% accuracy, amazing!"
-Marc Paul (UK Mentalist and Lecturer)

"Wonderfully subtle and sure-fire, no way anyone is backtracking this. A rock-solid addition to the lineage of zodiac effects."
Mark Strivings (Mentalist, Creator of the SUC Wallet)

"Horrorscope is a lovely tool to incorporate a touch of astrology as a way of increasing engagement for walk around or doing readings. People will remember you."
Todd Robbins (Magician, True Nightmares, Play Dead)

"I've seen different approaches to this idea, this beats them all, cleverly disguised, and deceptive."
Scott Creasey (Mentalist, Paperwork, Author of MMM)

"Of the previous similar approaches that I've come across, this is probably the most direct. Swift with no questions asked, all in a card that fits in your wallet."
Nique Tan (Mentalist)

"This is a go anywhere tool that is an immediate way to connect to a spectator. No set up and immediate wow factor."
Mysterion (The Sentimentalists, AGT Finalist, Fooled Penn & Teller)

"Horrorscope is simple, sure-fire, and most importantly, cunning!
Kaleb Wade (Frankenstein/Treasure Island Book Tests, Occult ESP)

"A wonderfully direct horoscope divination. A fool proof method which will make you smile."
Steve Dela (2-Time UK Close Up Magic Champion, Creator)

"Combined with a reading, you have an effect and entire experience for everyone."
- Reese Goodley (Navigator, The Traveler)