Johnny Wong's Double Face Super Triple Coin

US$99.95 US$89.95

2S1C Double Face Super Triple Coin is the latest work from Johnny Wong in recent years. It is also an upgraded version of Johnny Wong's Double Face STC in 2011. If you are an enthusiast of Johnny Wong's coin gimmicks, you are going to love his brand-new work.

2S1C Double Face Super Triple Coin is going to let you present a wonderful magic show just like a motion picture in front of multiple spectators, which I believe to be the dream of every magician by using this brand new 2S1C Double Face Super Triple Coin you are able to do all the following coin tricks with simple manipulations as under, any 3 fly , penetration, move, disappear, reappear, multiplication illusion coin magic routine, and more. So, it is the best gimmick to improve one's coin magic skill with.

Routines include:

  • Unique 3 Coins Change
  • 2 Silver 1 Copper Illusion routine
  • Appear 3 Coins & Disappear 3 Coins
  • Miracle twins Coin
  • Special Coins Change
  • Illusion 3 face Coins routine

Ideas by Johnny Wong include:

  • Online instruction QR code card
  • 2S1C (DFSTC) special gimmicks
  • 10 Chinese coin stickers (black 6 red 2 blue 2)