The Deck Spinner by Mathieu Bich


Designed for magicians, card enthusiasts, and fidget users alike, the Deck Spinner by Mathieu Bich is a compact clip that easily attaches to any standard poker-sized deck. It transforms your deck of cards into a sleek and mesmerizing hand spinner.

Whether with or without a card case, you can effortlessly rotate it like any typical hand spinner, utilizing both hands. However, the Deck Spinner offers additional play styles, such as the one-handed spin, the infinity spin, and the tilt spin, some of which are exclusive to this unique fidget spinner.

Not only can you use it as a deck display, but it also serves as a convenient way to keep your cards organized in your pocket when you opt not to use a card case. Included with the Deck Spinner is a 20-minute online video explanation.

Crafted from PETG plastic and featuring two specially designed ball bearings, this spinner is built to withstand extreme environments, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. (PETG is resistant to impacts, oils, acids, alkalis, water, UV light, greases and temperatures below 80°C)

"Mathieu's Deck Spinner is so much fun that l've stopped doing actual card tricks!"
Chad Long

"I love to play and the Deck Spinner became my favorite toy!"
Tobias Dostal

"I can already feel the fidget addiction kicking in!"
Dan Garcia

"Mathieu's Deck Spinner gives an addictive, joyous experience. When he asked for it back, he had to ask another three times.""
Jon Allen

"Much healthier than alcohol to relax before a gig, but just as addictive...""
David Stone

"Loving that spin, l'm in..."
Garrett Thomas