SQUEEZE by James Anthony


Picture this.... A playing card visually shrinks not just once but twice, transforming into a tiny miniature playing card that is handed out as the perfect souvenir to remember you by.

This is Squeeze.

Squeeze is an eye-catching yet simple to perform effect that allows the performer to focus on having fun and entertaining people.


First you perform any regular effect with a 4 of Hearts...

You start with a normal trick using a 4 of Hearts card.

You fold it and show its red, back, and face like anyone would fold a card.

A Sharpie is removed from your pocket and a small smiley face, or simple initials are placed on the card.

Next, you show how a magician folds a card... You proceed to Squeeze the card resulting In a STRETCHED 4 of Hearts.

Then you squeeze it one more time and it becomes a MINIATURE 4 OF HEARTS that is then immediately handed out to the spectator.

Do not underestimate the sheer power of such a simple effect. Spectator's LOVE the miniature card and often keep it as a souvenir and some even place into their phone case for years to come!

Contents include:

  • Simple and medium difficulty handlings.
  • 45-55 miniature playing cards.
  • 3 special gimmicks (in case any get damaged).
  • 5 x 4 of Hearts to get you started.

Start SQUEEZE today!