The ultimate magic trick that will leave both kids and adults astonished, all with just a regular deck of cards and your t-shirt!

Super easy to do:
No complicated maneuvers here! With simple steps, you'll master this trick in no time.

Resets in seconds:
Get ready to impress over and over again with quick re-sets between performances.

End clean:
Leave no trace behind! Your spectators will be left wondering how you did it with such a clean finish.

Spectators can examine the T-shirt at the end:
No hidden secrets here! Let your audience inspect your shirt, adding to the mystery and amazement.

With Flip'n Print, you'll receive special gimmicks and iron-on transfer papers, allowing you to transform any shirt into a magical masterpiece. No need to worry about finding the perfect shirt, simply apply the image to your favorite tee using an iron. Once complete, it looks like any other regular shirt, ready to be worn whenever you desire.

But that's not all! Included is a comprehensive online tutorial (English and Spanish versions) featuring a range of different performances tailored for both live audiences and social media videos, ensuring you'll always have fresh ways to dazzle your audience.

Choose from two stunning versions: blue and red. (Note: t-shirt is not included)