WARPZAG by Joel Dickinson


"Card Warp is one of my favorite effects of all time. And this is Card Warp on steroids. How on earth can you do card warp with no cover and have their card examinable? And then follow up with basically a mini-illusion in the second phase? This is genius level thinking and absolute commercial Gold. I love it"
Craig Petty

"I don't do card tricks, they are boring. But THIS I would do. It looks impossible and it's really fun as well. What an amazing trick!"
Ryland Petty

"Joel's Warp Zag is a prime example of why he's among the best minds in all of magic. It's a beautiful illusion that is so visual, practical, fooling and yet deceivingly simple. Highly recommended!"
David Jonathan

Here is what happens:

Part One: Witness the astonishing moment when the face of a spectator's signed playing card seamlessly reverses from front to back, then back to front in an instant.

Part Two: Prepare to be mystified as their folded card inexplicably splits into two separate entities, leaving spectators in awe of the impossible.

Part Three: Just when you thought it couldn't get any more magical, watch as the divided card visually fuses back together, completing the mesmerizing journey. The best part? It's remarkably easy to perform, includes various handling options, making it a versatile addition to any magician's repertoire!