Blow Hunter (Red or Blue) by N2G and WZ


In the magic world there is a magical action, most magic effects to appear before the magician always used to blow a breath, the magic effect happened!

In fact, everyone knows that this is just a performance in order to enhance the magic effect of the magician, and the secret of the magic has another reason.

But today, a new item is about to change your imagination - Blow Hunter!

Because it really is achieved by the magician's gentle breath.

Magic specific effects:

The magician unrolls a normal deck of cards for the audience to choose from, no need to force!

The audience chooses cards to insert into the whole deck, and the magician washes the cards casually and puts the whole deck directly on the table.

Then the magician let the audience think about his cards, and then gently blow a breath towards the whole card, the audience's card along with all the cards above the moment jumped up from the whole card, the whole stack of cards as if to feel what power, directly over!

Not only can make the cards turn over, but also can make the card box jump at any time!

You can also make four ACES or four Kings instantly switch to your own hands!


1. Perfectly hidden in the whole card, not easy to be found, does not affect the performance of other processes
2. Quick SET, when you want to perform only need to find the prop card, one second can be set to complete
3. Do not need any professional techniques, novice can also quickly master
4. The trigger of the magic organ can be a blow! You can also use fingers, pens, etc., to let the audience's cards fly out.

Props include: a set of props with organs + detailed teaching

Note: The bicycle playing cards used in the show need to be prepared by yourself