Introducing your new favorite everyday carry (EDC): Color Prediction.

Imagine asking a spectator to name any two random colors from a set of four Lego bricks. They assemble them in any way they choose. Then, they take the remaining two and place them in the stack 100% freely.

From the start of the trick, you've kept a prediction hidden inside your fist. When revealed, it matches 100% with the stack that the spectator has freely selected.

With Color Prediction, you can foresee, in advance, what will happen in the future.

You will receive a set of gimmicks to attach to your keys, accompanied by a tutorial video by Montoro, explaining all the working systems and concepts behind this effect. Julio Montoro has been performing this routine almost every day since its creation in 2022.

Color Prediction, originally released as "Hanging Bricks" at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2023, sold out instantly. Many top magicians and performers purchased it immediately after witnessing the performance.

The trick works flawlessly every single time, and there's no need for highly memorized routines. It's as easy as remembering two numbers.

Attach the gimmick to your keys, keeping it in your pocket for impromptu performances at a moment's notice.

This is Color Prediction, by Julio Montoro.