Heritage (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gabriel Werlen & Marchand de trucs & Mindbox


Note: Online instruction is available in English and French.

An incredible thought card prediction

  • One of the thought card predictions.
  • The purest ever created.
  • What if you made one of the purest thought card predictions there is:

You place an envelope in your spectator's hand, explaining to him that it contains a playing card steeped in history. It belonged to a man who seemed to have a gift for guessing any card placed in front of him.

After telling the story of this man, you invite your participant to put themselves in his shoes and relive his story for the duration of an experience.

Your spectator will then freely imagine a playing card in their mind. Their choices are truly free!

Once the spectator's choice is finalized, the envelope that was in his hand from the beginning is opened... it contains a card which acts as a prediction... and this prediction corresponds perfectly to the choice that came out of your spectator's mind!

The +

  • No ambiguity.
  • The spectator's choices are completely free.
  • No charge, change or other manipulation, the revealed card is present in the envelope from the very beginning.
  • The envelope can be shown empty to the spectator after removing the card.
  • Your prediction will always correspond to the participant's choice.
  • A simple and brilliant method for a miracle that will never leave you.
  • Developed by Gabriel Werlen is sublimely ingenious.

No complex equipment or binders to hide... everything fits in a simple envelope that you can always have with you.

You will always have a miracle at your fingertips. You will receive all the necessary materials as well as a PDF explanation in French.